GS 16
Fiat 125 Special Moretti GS 16
GS 16

Moretti offered a range similar looking 2 and 4-seater coupes based on Fiat's 850, 124 and 125 models. The Moretti GS 1.6 (or 1600 GS) was based on the Fiat 125 and was the most luxurious and best looking of them all. This model was introduced in 1967 and manufactured up to 1971. The GS 1600 Coupé is powered by the classic Fiat twincam "Lampredi" engine.

GS 16

The line under the windows shows many similarities with the Pininfarina Fiat Dino "Berlinetta" Prototipo prototype from 1967. Moretti used parts from the Dino Spider like the front blinkers.

GS 16

This Moretti GS 16 was new delivered in South Africa by Alconi Developments in Johannesburg. Adler and Conchie incorporated, launching themselves as Alconi Developments. They were motor racing enthusiasts, and between them had already established a performance development reputation by competing in events quite successfully, with saloon cars like Fiat 1100, Simca Etoile and Fiat 1500. They started procuring parts and manufacturing components for the Alconi kits they were installing and selling, as well as for assembly into the first batch of vehicles due shortly from the assembly line. Alconi’s cars are the Renault 8 Alconi, Fiat 1500 OTS, Fiat 124/125 Scorpion, Datsun 1600 SSS Zero and Datsun 140Z.

GS 16

The Moretti GS 16 is one of the few survivors among the 52 built. What makes this one very special, it’s a right hand drive version. The car is well documented and has a very low mileage (27.000 km). From the original receipt and registration document the car delivered to the owner in 1972. In 1977 the windscreen broke. The owner send a letter to Automobili Stabilimenti Carrozzerie Moretti to get a new windscreen. He got an offer in September of that year. Unfortunately the windscreen arrived broken. In 1979 the second windscreen arrived but was too short and not the correct size. In 1980 he visit Moretti in Torino himself to by the correct windscreen. After the payment he got an used windscreen for a convertible. In 2005 the owner once again contacted Moretti for the correct window. Also the car was serviced in 2005. Because the owner never managed to get a correct windscreen the car only was used for about 5 years.The car still has the original engine and is running. Needs existing paint taken off and resprayed in original colour: light blue metallic.

GS 16

This car has four rare Ruspa rims in the size 5.5X13. These wheels were an expensive option on the Moretti 124 and 125. This car also has the unique wooden Hellebore steering wheel.

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GS 16

Technical data

Moretti GS 16
4 cylinder inline
1.608 cc
Bore x Stroke
80 x 80 mm
Compression Ratio
8,8 : 1
Max. Power
100 pk at 6.000 rpm
Top speed
175 km/h or 109 mph
443 x 164 x 139 cm
980 kg or 2.160 lbs
2.504 mm
Numbers Build
Dany Brawand
GS 16

The Moretti has a South African title and is imported to the EU. You do not need to pay any import taxes in the EU. We can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16
GS 16

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