Simca 1200 Coupe Bertone

In June 1967 the first generation 1000 Coupé was replaced by the Simca 1200 S Coupé. The biggest differences between the 1200 S Coupé and the 1000 Coupé were its new engine and a new nose. It got gratings in its nose because the cooler for the engine had moved to the front of the car now (just like the later 1000 Rallye models). Not only to get more cooling power from the air but also to get a better weight balance in the car. Further the nose got two extra, now very rare, headlights.

The new 1204 cc four cylinder engine, with the code 354, is a special version of the engine mounted in the Simca 1100 Special and later in other fast models of the 1100. For the carburation was taken care of by two Solex C35 PHH4 carburettors. That is how it got its, for those days relatively high performance of 80 HP at 6000 rpm and later 85 HP (1970/71). Because of the shape of the car's coachwork it got its high speed of 170 km/h (179 km/h 1970/71).

While not initially a performance car, by the end of its run the 1200 S Coupé in particular was starting to gain appreciation as a great-looking sports car that finally had the guts to delight enthusiast drivers. Some even started calling it a “Poor man’s Porsche”—not bad for an economy car in drag.

The lovely shaped, all-steel and self-supporting body was build, just like the 1000 Coupé by the Italian master Bertone. His factory built this piece of Italian body artwork on a platform of the normal Simca 1000 coach. Pieces for the body are now very rare and therefore expensive. Because of capacity problems in the Simca factory at Poissy in France, the production of the Simca 1200 S Coupe went in 1970 to the NEKAF factory in Rotterdam, Holland. So Simca shipped the technical components and interior parts from Poissy.

A new option became available after the production went to Rotterdam: a vinyl top cover. In Rotterdam they had a lot of experience in this kind of work. They build a total of 3.114 Simca 1200 S Bertone Coupés in Rotterdam, with or without the vinyl top.

The car has a very luxurious and elegant interior, which fits very well to this nice car. The first cars had a real wooden steering wheel and sport seats with a non-adjustable back. Later models did get seats with adjustable backs, but had steering wheels from plastic. Also the car then got a brake servomechanism, which earlier models did not have.

In Holland the Simca 1200 S Coupé cost ƒ 10.900,-- in 1967/68. For 1969 and 1970 the price was set to ƒ 11.400,--. The price for the 1971 models was ƒ 11.795,-- which made it the most expensive Simca in its time. The buyer had the choice of five different colours, all with luxurious, black, "Aéralon" clothing. Metallic paint was available at an extra price of ƒ 90,-- Apart from the vinyl top this was the only extra the buyer could buy.

Production of the 1200S coupe ended in 1972. Designed by Bertone, the 1200S which ran from 1967 to 1971 and saw 14,741 examples made, had been a real boost to the image of Simca.

This Simca 1200 is from March 1968. The previous owner bought the car in 1996 and restored the car. The car is almost completely original except for the handmade exhaust and exhaust manifold and the oil cooler. Furthermore, the car has original 13" rims and extra yellow fog lamps. The car is equipped with a vinyl roof which could be ordered new as an option.

Technical data

Simca 1200S Coupe Bertone
type 354 straight 4
Rear, longitudinally mounted
cast iron block, alloy head
1.204 cc
Bore x Stroke
74 x 70 mm or 2,91 x 2,76 in
Compression Ratio
10,25 : 1
Fuel feed
Double-barrel Solex Carburettor
Max. Power
80 bhp at 6.000 rpm
103 Nm at 4.500 rpm
Top speed
107 mph or 172 km/h
1964 lb or 891 kg
87,9 in or 223,2 cm
LxWxH or LxBxH
157,4 x 60 x 49,4 in or 399,7 x 152,4 x 125,5 cm
Giorgetto Giugiaro/Bertone
Production numbers Simca 1200 Coupe
Price in 1967
10.900,-- gulden

The car has a Belgian registration certificate and is easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any import taxes and we can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

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