Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe Dynamic Series GL
Honda 1300 Coupe

Having been immensely successful in making motorcycles, on entering the car market, Honda was keen to establish a wide range of cars, starting with the S360/600/800 sports model, and small commercial vehicles.

Honda 1300 Coupe

The 1972 Honda 1300 Coupe 7 was a unique car. It was one of Honda's first front wheel vehicles and its first full size model. Derived from the 1300 sedans which had been launched in 1969, were the very attractive Coupe 7 and Coupe 9, as top of the range versions. The Coupes were first sold in 1970. Featuring sleek fastback bodywork, and distinctive split-grille front styling, these cars incorporated many of the sorts of excellent high-tech features for which Honda would become famous. Not the least of which was the use of front wheel drive.

Honda 1300 Coupe

As a design, it had many innovative features. Power was provided by an air cooled 1.3-liter using a special Duo Dyna Air Cooling (DDAC) system. A fan on the end of the flywheel forced cool air around the inside of the engine block. This heated air was then expelled or redirected into the heating duct to heat the passenger compartment - instant heat - no waiting for the 'water' to warm up. Interior heat was also boosted by an electric fan which pulled heat off the exhaust manifold.

Honda 1300 Coupe

The engine was also a dry-sump design - no oil pan but instead a pressurized oil tank to gather and air cool the oil.

To finish it all off, the electric fuel pump on the gas tank ensured that 'vapour' lock was non-existent.

The electrical system provided two complete sets of wiring - one for the left side of the vehicle and one for the right. Should an accident occur, you always had lights.

These Hondas are virtually unknown outside Japan, except in Australia where they were sold in reasonable numbers - and a few found their way to other countries. Small numbers were sold in other Asia-Pacific countries. They were also raced and rallied with some success by enthusiasts who appreciated their high tech specs.

About 38,000 of the Coupes were made, with 1053 being exported, 731 of which were sent to Australia.

Technical data

Honda 1300 Coupe GL
4 cylinder in line
1.298 cc
Bore x Stroke
74 x 75,5 mm
front-wheel drive
4-speed manuel
Max. Power
95 pk or 94 hp by 7000 rpm
103 Nm by 4000 rpm
Top speed
109 mph or 175 km/h
1995 lb or 905 kg
88,6 in or 225 cm
LxWxH or LxBxH
163,8 x 58,9 x 52 in or 416 x 149,5 x 132 cm
Production numbers Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
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Honda 1300 Coupe

The Honda has a Japanese title and imported in the EU. You do not need to pay any import taxes in the EU. We can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
Honda 1300 Coupe
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