Fiat 238 E Panorama

Successor to the FIAT 1100T, the 238 was introduced in 1967 and produced in various versions - van, truck, chassis cab, minibus and ambulance - with engines of either 1,197cc or 1,438cc. Top speed was around 105km/h (65mph). The 238's mechanical underpinnings were sourced from the Autobianchi Primula, which is notable as the FIAT Group's first passenger car to feature front-wheel drive and a transverse engine. Produced in collaboration with Citroën, a Tipo 242 van arrived in 1974 boasting a larger petrol engine and a diesel option. However, such was the 238's popularity that it was made available with 242's larger engine and kept in production until 1983, being replaced by the first of the Ducato series.


The 238 was also briefly built by Germany's Neckar-Fiat. It was also popular for mobile home conversions since the front-wheel-drive packaging allowed for a low, flat floor, enabling a very spacious living area for such a compact and light vehicle. Ruggeri, Weinsberg, Westfalia, and many others provided conversions.


An example of the rare and desirable nine-seat minibus variant, this FIAT 238 is finished in beige and is in very good condition both inside and out. The car was imported from Italy in 2014 and extensively restored in Austria. An interesting alternative to the more common Volkswagen Type 2, this charming FIAT minibus is offered with Austrian registration documentsand is easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any import taxes and we can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible..


Technical data

Fiat 238E Panorama
4 cylinder in line; 131 AZ 000
1.438 cc
Bore x Stroke
80 x 71,5 mm
Fuel feed
Weber 30 OF 1/250 Carburettor
4-speed manuel
Max. Power
52 pk or 38,2 kW at 4.600 rpm
Top speed
110 km/h
1.440 kg
240 cm
459 x 183,5 x 192,7 cm
Passenger capacity
8 plus 260 kg of luggage

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