Abarth Monomille

Carlo Abarth felt, that an Abarth GT for daily use had to be built at the ambitioned drivers request. So in 1961 the "MONOMILLE" was born : MONO means : one cam and MILLE described the class : up to 1000 cc.

A brilliant GT with a handmade bodywork out of aluminium based on the 600 D platform ! Depending on transmission and final drive a speed of 170 km/h - 180 km/h was possible. On top a sporty interior and a breath taking outfit: The eye catcher of the early sixties was born.


The new Monomille was unveiled by Carlo Abarth at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show, that September, and its shapely little body was styled in-house at Abarth's Corso Marche factory in Turin, and was made "just round the corner" by the company's preferred bodybuilder, Beccaris.

The idea was to produce a relatively high-performance small Coupe that was aimed not at full-blown racing clientele but at a wider, yet discriminating, motoring audience. The contemporary tests about the "MONOMILLE" read themselves as a homage to Carlo Abarth, so high this car was praised. If only it has not been as much expensive!!! The ridicule of the international press about the Abarth GT`s as "poor man`s Ferrari" has finally come to an end: The sensational MONO1000 has set high standards for the street going GT`s of the future.


Driving a Monomille in daily use meant to feel the admirable views of anyone. Which little GT was priced 33% more than a Porsche 1600 C for and you could buy almost 5 Beetles for the same price! Abarth GT-cars always presented exclusive and very expensive technical works of art. That made them desirable in the sixties and secures their value for Abarth collectors today.

There were less than 50 "MONOMILLE" built from 1961 up to 1965. Some experts maintain, that it have not been 25. Please mind, when did you see the offer of an Monomille in the international press?


There have been two versions of the "MONOMILLE" : The "MONOMILLE SCORPIONE" , version 1961 - 1962, built at Beccaris and the "MONOMILLE GT" , version 1963 -1965, built at Sibona & Basano


The Monomille Scorpione was the early version with the round tail and exposed headlights. Our is a car which has been built with the headlights of the Bialbero under plexi-covers. Cars have been delivered to customers with or without bumpers. All of them have been equipped with three instruments measuring 12 cm of diameter - same as in the Record Monza. Engine: 60 hp out of 982 cc, very often the AH-engine, but not a must!!! Four Girling brakes and Borrani steel wheels measuring 4,5 x 13 inches with triangle - not round - holes. Campagnolo wheels 4,5 x 13 with six holes - not eight - have been sold as an extra. The radiator of the Monomille Scorpione was placed in the back of the car. Later versions, had a front radiator. Ours have both for better cooling. The opening in the back lid was optional.


Technical data

Abarth Monomille Scorpione
1961 - 1965
4 cylinder inline side camshaft
982 cc
Bore x Stroke
62 x 74 mm
9,8 : 1
Max. Power
60 hp at 6.000 rpm
Top speed
170 - 180 km/h
137 x 55,5 x 45,9 in ; 348 x 141 x 116,5 cm
1235 lbs ; 560 kg
78,7 in ; 200 cm
19.800 DM in 1964
Abarth Corso Marche
Production 1961-1965
less than 50
Abarth Monomille video:

After many years the Abarth is now back alive. We started with cleaning and adjusting the spark plugs. We careful started to move the pistons by hand while putting petrol with oil in the cylinders . After we serviced the engine (100D000) with the Weber 28/36 carburettor it runs again. We cleaned the full tank and mounted a new fuel pump, pipes and filters. All electric parts are working again. We put in a new voltage regulator and battery. We cleaned the cooling system and mounted new pipes under the car. Both front wheel hubs are new. Brakes are completely rebuild. During the work we found the date 28-11-1961 and the initials of the mechanic on the back of the tachometer. The body of the Monomille isn’t restored but in very good condition.

The car has a Dutch title. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any import taxes. We can help with transport.

This car is sold. We have for sale:

For Sale Fiat Abarth 850 OT

engine: 843 cc;

color: gray
year: 1966
Price On Request
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